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Paper: NAOS Computer Aided Control: an Optimized and Astronomer-Oriented Way of Controlling Large Adaptive Optics Systems
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 377
Authors: Zins, G.; Lacombe, F.; Knudstrup, J.; Mouillet, D.; Rabaud, D.; Charton, J.; Marteau, S.; Rondeaux, O.; Lefort, B.
Abstract: Adaptive Optics as a new tool for astronomical observation has proved a powerful means of investigation in high spatial resolution programs. However, in spite of the complexity of the components involved (wavefront sensor, real-time computer), its use must be made as simple as possible in order to make it accessible to the largest audience of observers, and to answer the more demanding needs of modern observatories such as queue scheduling, service observing or remote observing. The Computer Aided Control (CAC) developed for the Nasmyth Adaptive Optics System (NAOS) of the Very Large Telescope (VLT), will provide the astronomer with an extensive support, from the preparation of optimized observations to the automated operation of the instrument at the telescope either for hardware control, real time computing, or even preventive maintenance.
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