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Paper: Three Instruments in Four Years: The UCO/Lick Data-Driven Toolkit
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 339
Authors: Allen, S. L.; Clarke, D. A.
Abstract: A panoply of new software tools has accompanied the rapid instrument construction schedule at UCO/Lick Observatory (PFCAM to Lick in 1997, ESI to Keck in 1999, DEIMOS to Keck in 2000). These Tcl/Tk-based tools maintain and interact with a relational database of instrument characteristics. They assist software design, generate thousands of lines of code, documentation, and configuration files, facilitate motor-control calibration, permit fully-automated remote testing and evaluation of performance, aid user-interface design, produce diagrams, and serve as a communications nexus between software and hardware teams. The toolkit has greatly reduced the amount of effort required from many UCO/Lick technicians, and has set new standards for quality and performance of the resulting instruments. We present here an overview of these tools and their outputs.
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