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Paper: Software for Testing and Commissioning the GBT
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 335
Authors: Braatz, J.; McMullin, J. P.; Garwood, R. W.; Maddalena, R.; Norrod, R.; Cornwell, T. J.
Abstract: The Green Bank Telescope is a 100-m diameter radio antenna located in the National Radio Quiet Zone in West Virginia. The telescope has a number of advanced design features including an unblocked aperture, an active surface and a laser metrology system. It is designed to observe at frequencies from 300 MHz to 100 GHz. Construction of the telescope is expected to be completed in early 2000. The electronics systems for the telescope have been under development and testing in a ``Mock-up'' which includes the receivers, LO systems, analog filters, and backends. The computer control systems and the data analysis software tools are being developed simultaneously and are used with the mock-up hardware to simulate the data acquisition process. After construction, the telescope will undergo a series of commissioning procedures to prepare for general astronomical observing. Software which handles the commissioning tasks, engineering analysis, and data processing are being developed in the AIPS++ system. Most of the code development is done in Glish and uses the extensive library of mathematical functions, plotting tools, and GUI routines available in AIPS++. Here we give some examples of the software being developed and we show some of the tools available in the AIPS++ programming and analysis environment.
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