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Paper: Chandra Ground Calibration Raytrace Database and Simulator
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 315
Authors: Tibbetts, M.; Edgar, R.; Gaetz, T.; Jerius, D.; Michaud, K.; Nguyen, D.
Abstract: The Chandra Ground Calibration Raytrace Database and Simulator provides simulations of tests performed on the Chandra X-Ray Observatory's High Resolution Mirror Assembly (HRMA). Following ground calibrations at Marshall Space Flight Center, we compiled a database of parameters for each subsystem involved in the calibration effort. Using this database and SAOsac raytrace code, developed from the OSAC suite of programs, we are able to reproduce the environment in which each test was conducted; this enables us to simulate the as-run measurements with the ultimate goal of verifying the fidelity of the HRMA models. Here we describe the structure of the parameter database, ancillary data generated from the database, and comparisons of the simulations to the calibration data.
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