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Paper: CFH12K: Control Software and Data Handling
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 287
Authors: Isani, S.; Cuillandre, J.-C.; Starr, B.; Luppino, G.
Abstract: The CFHT 12K by 8K CCD mosaic wide-field imager is the largest of its kind in the world (Cuillandre et al. 2000). Acquiring data with this camera puts a strain on CFHT's computer systems due to the amount of data generated, but the task itself is relatively simple: process 200 MB images as quickly as possible during the 58 second readout, and maximize shutter-open time. We felt the solution to this problem should be equally simple, yet powerful. The latest and greatest so-called innovations are not always the best choice for meeting these goals. The computers and software used for astronomy must be as efficient and reliable as possible. When problems do occur, the system should be easy to understand and diagnose quickly. Based on experience gained from CFH12K's predecessor, the UH8K, we built a Unix/C command-line interpreter to operate the camera and telescope. An optional, and completely separate GUI layer is provided through a Web server.
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