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Paper: A Data Mining Model for Astronomy
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 215
Authors: Schade, D.; Dowler, P.; Zingle, R.; Durand, D.; Gaudet, S.; Hill, N.; Jaeger, S.; Bohlender, D.
Abstract: The content of astronomical data archives has grown dramatically during the past decade whereas the ability of scientists to access that content remains primitive and ineffective. Astronomical datasets are large, distributed, and contain a wide variety of data types--from raw pixels to fully-derived tables of scientific measurements. These datasets are ideal for the development and deployment of Data Mining tools and systems. As a first step toward defining a Data Mining system, we describe some components of the infrastructure that is required to enable effective Data Mining in astronomy and we outline some of the major obstacles to the production of a powerful Data Mining system.
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