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Paper: The Integral DAL 1-2-3
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 187
Authors: O'Neel, B.; Jennings, D.; Rohlfs, R.; Paltani, S.
Abstract: This paper will discuss the three layers of the Integral Science Data Center (ISDC) Data Access Layer (DAL). The first layer is HEASARC's cfitsio with contributions from ISDC to allow for network and shared memory files as well as FITS grouping tables. The network files allow transparent access to distributed files via HTTP, FTP and the ROOT protocols. The second layer is a mission independent abstraction layer which hides the details of files and FITS HDUs from the program allowing them to work with abstract objects and elements. One of these abstract objects is that of a GROUP which allows you to collect together all the FITS data structures which are related in some way and independent of the exact files they are located in. The third layer is an instrument specific layer tailored to the Integral mission and instruments.
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