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Paper: Magneto Optical as a Viable Storage Solution for the HST Archive
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 161
Authors: Abney, F.; Richon, J.
Abstract: In these days of CD, DVD, HD-ROM, NFR, and myriad other acronyms, a tried and true storage technology came out a winner for HST data. Some of the issues we considered were: current data investment, growth of the HST archive, the depth and inimitability of the data, the heavy duty cycles on the hardware due to unrelenting retrieval patterns, and initial and operating costs. We will present the methods used to define requirements, evaluate technology solutions, why we selected Magneto Optical as our current storage solution, and why we continue to watch the storage industry for new products with an eye towards support of NGST. We also explain why there are no feasible long-term storage solutions, and that data migration will always be part of any active, valuable archive.
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