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Paper: The Importance of Mid-Range Telescope Data Archives - an Example of Ondřejov Observatory 2-meter Telescope
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 153
Authors: Skoda, P.
Abstract: We present a data archive which is under development at the Stellar Department of the Astronomical Institute in Ondrejov. The archive will provide for an easy access to the electronic spectra obtained by the Reticon and CCD detectors of the Ondrejov 2-meter telescope. The system is based on a cheap relational database management system Adabas D (Linux Edition) for handling the observing logs and file headers. The data are presented on an Apache web server by the WDBI form interpreter which uses the Perl DBI interface for communication with the database. The design goals, user requirements and necessary trade-offs are discussed as well as the possibility of future improvements.
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