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Paper: The Status of the Second Generation Digitized Sky Survey and Guide Star Catalog
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 145
Authors: McLean, B. J.; Greene, G. R.; Lattanzi, M. G.; Pirenne, B.
Abstract: The STScI is continuing its program to create data products and tools to increase the efficiency of observation planning and telescope operations. These include an long-term commitment to digitize, and distribute to the community, the second generation Schmidt plate surveys for both the Northern (POSS-II) and Southern (SES) hemispheres as an extension to the published Digitized Sky Survey (DSS). In addition to providing the images, STScI is leading a consortium to create a second version of the Guide Star Catalog (GSC-II) which will be used for both ground and space-based telescope operations.
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