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Paper: Using DVD-R for Storing Astronomical Archive Data (cont'd)
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 137
Authors: Pirenne, B.
Abstract: At last year's ADASS the status of the DVD technology and its prospects for storing astronomical data for the long term were presented. This time, I want to review the current state of our (still) favorite successor of the CD-R for astronomical data storage: the DVD-R. The second generation with full 4.7 GB density per volume has finally appeared, the software to write the media is also available for a variety of computer platforms. The media price is going down to the level of 40USD per media, bringing the price/GB of medium size archives with the newest jukeboxes down to about 15USD/GB. Media producers are now also seriously considering the introduction of double-sided media, which would take this price further down, to about 11USD/GB, far less than last year's most optimistic estimates. Our current experience with first generation media is now very positive, to the point that ESO is now implementing the production of DVD-R archive media directly at the observatory.
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