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Paper: Save the Bits - New Features for a New Millennium
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 133
Authors: Seaman, R. L.
Abstract: The original Save the Bits (STB) installation has been running at Kitt Peak National Observatory for more that six years. NOAO has since commissioned four other STB installations to support the archiving of raw images at Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory, at the WIYN Consortium telescope on Kitt Peak, and for both the Mosaic-I camera at KPNO and the Mosaic-II camera at CTIO. STB is used outside of NOAO as well. The Save the Bits system supports untended queued archiving to both tape and CD-R media. The NOAO/IRAF Mosaic Archive Pipeline is an initiative to automatically reduce all NOAO Mosaic images and to construct a searchable archive of all raw and reduced Mosaic data. To support the new Mosaic pipeline, as well as resolve the differences in the various older Save the Bits implementations, a new version of STB has been implemented. For use in the Mosaic pipeline some major new features have been added to STB. These include the ability to propagate non-FITS data into the archive using the new IRAF FITS foreign file extension mechanism, and messaging capabilities for the real time updating of archive index and catalog entries. By integrating STB with the Mosaic pipeline system the capability has been added to enter the index and header information extracted from the data by STB into an SQL database. General SQL queries can then be performed to determine what is stored on the data tapes produced by STB, and to produce selection sets to extract data from the STB archives.
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