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Paper: The Design of the Reduction Block Scheduler for the VLT Pipeline
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 127
Authors: Banse, K.; Grosbøl, P.
Abstract: All new data frames from the VLT are transfered to the data reduction pipeline which classifies new frames and selects the corresponding standard reduction tasks (Reduction Recipes) for each frame. The observed data together with the relevant calibration data and other necessary parameters are then combined with the selected recipe in a component called Reduction Block. The Reduction Blocks represent the smallest executable units for the reduction pipeline. The task of the Reduction Block Scheduler is to schedule and trigger the execution of these Reduction Blocks in the context of a given Data Reduction System on a given, possible parallel (Beowulf), system. We describe the evolution of the RBS from a prototype implementation used to test the concept to the design of the baseline version of the RBS to be implemented in the pipeline within the coming months.
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