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Paper: Queue Scheduling at the JCMT: the Real-life Experience
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 101
Authors: Tilanus, R. P. J.
Abstract: During the past few years the subject of dynamic scheduling has become a prominent topic in discussions about future telescope operations. The term ``dynamic scheduling'', however, is somewhat misleading since it suggests that the central problem has to do with scheduling of specific observations at the telescope and that by solving that aspect you will successfully implement dynamic scheduling. The JCMT experience is that this is not the case: the majority of our development is geared towards providing an infra-structure which will allow for and support dynamic time allocation and service observing. Perhaps contrary to expectations, most of this development is concerned with what happens during and after observations take place, not before. A reliable but flexible infra-structure is the true challenge compared to which the details of the scheduling itself are relatively mild. Unlike a number of other observatories, however, the JCMT does not employ staff dedicated to service observing, but instead uses visiting observers to support its dynamic scheduling.
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