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Paper: The ADASS VIII Proceedings: a Case Study in Editing for the Electronic Age
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 95
Authors: Plante, R. L.; Roberts, D. A.; Mehringer, D. M.
Abstract: The ADASS VIII conference proceedings volume was the first in its series to be delivered to the publisher electronically. Apart from one hardcopy figure, it was compiled entirely from digital sources. In this presentation, we review the process we used to assemble the proceedings book and its electronic companion for the Web. Among the goals we set for ourselves as editors was to maintain a single source of electronic manuscripts from which either the printed or electronic version could be generated automatically with minimum of manual editing. Furthermore, we tried to develop the process, including any new software we had to write, in such a way that it could be reused (at least in part) by future ADASS editors. This process has been distilled into a downloadable editors' kit built primarily on top of four existing software tools: GNU Make (for driving the process), LATEX (for typesetting), LATEX2HTML (for creating the Web version), and RCS (for version control). We evaluate how successful we were in meeting our goals and make recommendations to future editors.
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