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Paper: SAOTk and TclXPA: Tcl/Tk Extensions for Astronomy
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 91
Authors: Joye, W.; Mandel, E.
Abstract: SAOTk is an integrated set of Tcl/Tk canvas widgets for astronomical imaging and data visualization. The widget set is composed of the Frame, Panner, Magnifier, and Colorbar widgets. In addition to ``classical'' support for imaging FITS data, manipulating colormaps, region marking, coordinate readout (including WCS), etc., SAOTk widgets also support arbitrary image scaling and rotation, advanced PostScript printing, truecolor graphics support, and image mosaics. TclXPA is a Tcl package that implements both the client and server aspects of the XPA messaging system within Tcl. TclXPA allows a Tcl program to exchange data and commands with Tcl programs, Xt programs, or Unix programs. SAOTk and TclXPA are being used in a wide variety of astronomical applications. These applications include general visualization and analysis, real-time instrumentation and calibration, and interactive modeling. These Tcl extensions can be utilized in any standard Tcl/Tk environment to build custom data analysis and visualization applications.
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