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Paper: Multi-tier Internet Architecture with Java, UML and OOA &D
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 75
Authors: Chavez, J.
Abstract: The Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) is the fourth and final element in NASA's family of ``Great Observatories'' and is set for a December 2001 launch. SIRTF will provide infrared imaging and spectroscopy in the 3 to 180-micron wavelength range. SIRTF will deploy an Internet Java application, the SIRTF Planning and Observation Tools (SPOT) to facilitate the proposal creation, editing and monitoring processes. Java will provide a development and runtime environment capable of supporting the diverse and globally dispersed astronomical community. The SPOT will provide a means of standardized input of observation parameters that can be integrated into the mission planning function using predefined workflow processes. The use of highly automated workflow processes will help keep the Development and Operations budgets within their current cost constraints. The Science Operations Application Server (SOAS) is being designed and developed to support the SPOT and Science Operations System (SOS). SOAS will provide integration of back end services such as database, astronomical catalogs, and estimation software and legacy software libraries. Development of this application server architecture required the design and development of an object communications architecture and software deployment mechanism. The object communications architecture makes use of the built in serialization capabilities of Java and the Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP) for implementation. The software deployment mechanism is designed to provide initial software installation and an automated update facility and is implemented using a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software package. Enterprise Java Beans will be developed and deployed within the SOAS to satisfy requests to the DBMS for proposal processing. This presentation will also cover the synergy between the UML and Java. The SOAS development team will utilize OOA&D, the UML and Java to design, document and implement the SOAS.
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