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Paper: High-Resolution Spectroscopy of H2 in Proto-Planetary Nebulae
Volume: 313, Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae III
Page: 343
Authors: Kelly, D.M.; Hrivnak, B.J.; Kwok, S.; Hinkle, K.H.
Abstract: We measured position-velocity spectra of the H2 1-0 S(1) line for eight proto-planetary nebulae (PPNs). The R=50000 H2 spectra provide strong insights into the excitation and evolution of PPNs. They reveal the inertial confinement mechanism that can lead to the production of jets and clumps in F and G spectral type bipolar PN. They also make clear the role that radiative excitation plays in the H2 emission of early-B spectral type PPNs and allow easy recognition of the relative contributions of radiative and thermal excitation.
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