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Paper: Time-Resolved Photometry of Cataclysmic Variables
Volume: 318, Spectroscopically and Spatially Resolving the Components of Close Binary Stars
Page: 399
Authors: Papadaki, C.; Boffin, H.M.J.; Cuypers, J.; Stanishev, V.; Kraicheva, Z.; Genkov,V.
Abstract: We present time-resolved photometry of two cataclysmic variables whose CCD photometric observations were obtained with the 1m telescope at the South African Astronomical Observatory in October 2002 and August 2003 and with the 1m telescope at Hoher List in Germany. Concerning MCT 2347-3144 we detect for the first time a period of 6.65h. For V1193 Ori the 3.96 h periodicity has for the first time been confirmed through time-resolved photometry.
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