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Paper: Discovery of Multiple Molecular Shells in the Outer Envelope of IRC+10216
Volume: 313, Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae III
Page: 77
Authors: Fong, D.; Meixner, M.; Shah, R.Y.
Abstract: We present CO maps of the extended envelope of IRC+10216 made by combining BIMA Millimeter Array and NRAO 12 m telescope observations. Superposed on the CO envelope we discover clumpy arcs of enhanced emission, circumscribing the star, at multiple radii ranging from about 26" to 120". The arcs are found to be coherent across a range of velocities, thus forming sections of multiple shells that are participating in the circumstellar expansion. The intershell timescales range from 1300-2900 years which are roughly consistent with simulations where wind modulations from a single thermal pulse event can lead to the formation of multiple shells.
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