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Paper: The Bipolarity of the Highest Galactic Latitude Planetary Nebula, LoTr 5 (PN G339.9+88.4) around IN Com
Volume: 313, Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae III
Page: 28
Authors: Graham, M.F.; Meaburn, J.; Harman, D.J.; Holloway, A.J.; Lopez, J.A.
Abstract: High resolution, spatially resolved, longslit profiles of the [O III] 5007 Å emission line of the highest galactic latitude planetary nebula, LoTr 5, have been obtained with the Manchester Echelle Spectrometer (MES-SPM) on the San Pedro Martir (SPM 2.1m) telescope. These are compared with a deep narrow-band [O III] 5007 Å mosaic image obtained with the same system (see Fig. 1).

This faint nebula, at a distance of ≥ 500 pc from the galactic plane is found to be expanding asymmetrically. Some form of bi-polar structure is suggested by modelling the position-velocity arrays of line profiles and the new [O III] 5007 Å image. Interestingly, the modelled bi-polar axis is nearly perpendicular to the orbital plane of the IN Com binary system; this supports the theories which predict that binary systems play a part in shaping the outflow.

Evidence for interaction of the envelope of LoTr 5 with its local interstellar medium is also present. The results of this work are in an MNRAS paper to be published in early 2004.

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