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Paper: Tidal Circularization in Open Cluster Solar-Type Binary Stars:
Volume: 333, Tidal Evolution and Oscillations in Binary Stars: Third Granada Workshop on Stellar Structure
Page: 26
Authors: Mathieu, R.D.
Abstract: We provide a brief overview of work in the past decade to test tidal circularization theory against observed binary populations in open clusters. We then present a new method for measuring the degree of tidal circularization in a coeval binary population. The method is based on a fitting function that provides a tidal circularization period which is both more accurate and more precise than the traditional cutoff period. Importantly, we also develop uncertainty distributions for the circularization period. Measurements of the tidal circularization period in 5 open clusters, as well as in pre-main-sequence, field, and halo binary populations, show clearly that with increasing age longer period binaries become circularized, indicating that tidal circularization is active for main-sequence stars. No present theory of tidal circularization can explain the extent of tidal circularization in these open clusters.
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