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Paper: The Combined Effect of the Perturbations of a Third Star and the Tidally Forced Apsidal Motion on the O--C Curve of Eccentric Binaries
Volume: 333, Tidal Evolution and Oscillations in Binary Stars: Third Granada Workshop on Stellar Structure
Page: 128
Authors: Borkovits, T.; Forgacs-Dajka, E.; Regaly, Zs.
Abstract: We studied the motion of hierarchical triple stellar systems consisting of a close pair with distorted components revolving on eccentric orbit, and a more distant third companion. Both detailed numerical integrations, and analytical calculations were carried out. In this paper we concentrate mainly on the perturbations in the true longitude (measured from the plane of the sky) of the eccentric binary as this quantity is directly related to the occurence of the eclipsing minima, and consequently to the mathematical form of the O–C diagram. We give an analytical form of the O–C curve included the perturbations of a third body besides the dynamical effects of the usual tidal forces. Numeric studies are applied on the well-known apsidal motion system AS Camelopardalis, where a very weak evidence for a third companion already was reported some years ago.
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