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Paper: Discussion 2: Critical Observations to Advance Tidal Theory
Volume: 333, Tidal Evolution and Oscillations in Binary Stars: Third Granada Workshop on Stellar Structure
Page: 290
Authors: Mathieu, R.D.
Abstract: This paper summarizes a rich discussion about those observations that might prove most useful in testing and advancing the development of tidal theory as applied to stars. Possibilities briefly discussed here include observational programs targeted at very low-mass stars, pre-main-sequence stars, secondary stars, and stellar oscillations of stars in binaries. In addition, studies of tidal synchronization in late-type stars will provide a new and independent window on the cumulative effects of tides on a binary system. Finally, the discussion emphasized the need for more development of the interface between tidal theory and observation, and in particular called for efforts to accurately reproduce the orbital and rotational properties of specific key binaries as they are observed today.
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