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Paper: Planar Integrated Optics Beam Combiners for Astronomical Apeture Synthesis
Volume: 194, Working on the Fringe: Optical and IR Interferometry from Ground and Space
Page: 264
Authors: Berger, J.-P.; Schanen-Duport, I.; El-Sabban, S.; Benech, P.; Severi, M.; Pouteau, P.; Rousselet-Perraut, K.; Haguenauer, P.; DuchĂȘne, Y.; Malbet, F.; Kern, P.
Abstract: We propose a new concept for interferometric instrumentation based on integrated optics technologies. Those technologies allow to integrate optical waveguides on small chips and consequently to design miniaturized single-mode interferometric beam combiners. Preliminary experiments on 2-telescope beam combiners showed the high optical quality of such components and that they are particularly well-suited for visible and infrared single-mode interferometry. This paper focuses on the strategies for multiple beam combination. Those beam combiners should allow to measure accurate visibilities and phase closure terms, and provide consequently high quality information for astronomical image reconstruction. We explore different beam combination schemes such as asymetric couplers, multiaxial combiners and MMI structures. They are all specifically designed for astronomical interferometry. We show that the technology of integrated optics provides beam combiners with equalized optical paths, photometric calibration signals and combining functions with coupling ratios nearly achromatic. We finally present the first 3-telescope beam combiner and our very first promising experimental results.
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