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Paper: The Keck Interferometer: Instrument Overview and Proposed Science
Volume: 194, Working on the Fringe: Optical and IR Interferometry from Ground and Space
Page: 256
Authors: Booth, A. J.; Colavita, M. M.; Shao, M.; Swanson, P. N.; van Belle, G. T.; Crawford, S. L.; Palmer, D. L.; Reder, L. J.; Serabyn, E.; Swain, M. R.; Vashist, G.; Wizinowich, P.; Wallace, J. K.; Kendrick, R.; Lupton, W.; Walker, J.
Abstract: The Keck Interferometer project will link the two 10m Keck telescopes and 4 1.8m outrigger telescopes in an infrared interferometric array. We will give details of the proposed form for the instrument and report on current progress with design and construction. The key science programs consist of nulling detection of exo-zodiacal light, multi-color phase differencing detection of hot jupiters, astrometric searches for jupiter to uranus mass planets orbiting nearby stars, and general interferometric imaging. We will give details how the key science programs can be achieved with the proposed instrument, and show the results expected to be generated by these science programs.
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