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Paper: A Menagerie of Stars: New Images from the Diffraction Limit
Volume: 194, Working on the Fringe: Optical and IR Interferometry from Ground and Space
Page: 188
Authors: Tuthill, P. G.; Monnier, J. D.; Danchi, W. C.
Abstract: Recent high-resolution pupil-masking interferometry experiments at the Keck-1 telescope have produced images of stellar systems at diffraction- limited angular resolutions. Targeting the dusty cocoons of young stellar objects and the circumstellar shrouds surrounding evolved giants and supergiants, these images have revealed a startling range of morphologies. Evolved stars from massive blue Wolf-Rayets to red giants, supergiants and carbon stars have shown dramatic dust plumes, clumps and shells which can dominate the dust halo, showing that mass loss from these objects can sometimes be anything but smooth and isotropic. At the other extreme of the evolutionary scale, the young stellar objects have been found to reveal dusty disks, clearly resolved for the first time in the infrared.
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