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Paper: DIVA - A Space-Borne Fizeau Interferometer for Global Astrometry and Photometry
Volume: 194, Working on the Fringe: Optical and IR Interferometry from Ground and Space
Page: 121
Authors: Röser, S.
Abstract: DIVA (Double Interferometer for Visual Astrometry) is a Fizeau interferometer on a small satellite which is to perform a complete sky survey down to about V = 15. DIVA will measure the parallaxes, the positions, the motions and the brightness of some 40 million stars. Multicolour photometry will be obtained down to V = 13. The typical accuracy for a star with V = 9 and B-V = 0.9 will be 0.2 mas for the parallaxes, 0.15 mas for positions and 0.25 mas/y for proper motions. As a result of a recently performed feasibility study DIVA is technologically ready for a launch in 2003. A minimum mission length of 24 months is foreseen. Major scientific targets of DIVA are: cosmic distance scale, galactic kinematics, stellar physics, faint objects in the solar neighbourhood and binaries. A quick-look reduction of DIVA's observations of Hipparcos stars will contribute to the selection of the candidates for the SIM astrometric grid.
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