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Paper: The Eclipsing Binary HD 92024: Getting the Orbit
Volume: 318, Spectroscopically and Spatially Resolving the Components of Close Binary Stars
Page: 334
Authors: Freyhammer, L.M.; Hensberge, H.; Sterken, C.; Pavlovski, K.; Smette, A.; Ilijic, S.
Abstract: HD92024 (=V381 Car) is an SB1 eclipsing binary system with a β Cephei star as primary component. We report on the progress of a combined photometric and spectroscopic investigation of this binary, being the only one of its kind known in the southern hemisphere. Pulsating components of spectroscopic binaries often introduce substantial line-profile variations in the spectra that hamper the determination of orbital radial-velocity amplitudes, and thus also of the stellar masses. Here, in order to minimise the bias from line-profile variations on the orbital RVs, we use selected matched-profile RV differences to derive the orbital parameters. The method is compared to straightforward cross-correlation with an averaged spectrum.
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