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Paper: Discovery of a New Filamentary Structure G358.85+0.47 -- The Pelican
Volume: 186, The Central Parsecs of the Galaxy
Page: 507
Authors: Anantharamaiah, K. R.; Lang, C. C.; Kassim, N. E.; Lazio, T. J. W.; Goss, W. M.
Abstract: We report the discovery of a new filamentary structure, G358.85+0.47, consisting of at least three mutually parallel but bent `strands', located about 1.5ˆ SW of the Sgr A complex. Unlike all the other known Galactic center filaments, G358.85+0.47 is oriented parallel to the galactic plane. Based on its appearance in a 20 cm image, we give it the name 'the Pelican' for further reference.
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