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Paper: Radio Polarmetric Studies of the Galactic Center Threads
Volume: 186, The Central Parsecs of the Galaxy
Page: 498
Authors: Lang, C. C.
Abstract: The Galactic Center non-thermal filaments (NTFs) are a unique class of objects found only in the inner 150 pc of the Galaxy. These NTFs are oriented essentially perpendicular to the Galactic plane and extend for 10's of pc in length. Polarimetric data indicate that the emission is synchrotron in nature, and estimations of the field strength are in the range of a few mG. The NTFs therefore trace the vertical magnetic field component in the center of the Galaxy. Multifrequency, polarimetric observations made with the VLA of the Northern and Southern Threads and the Snake NTFs are presented here. Spectral index, rotation measure, and intrinstic magnetic field information will be discussed in each case. Future observations of several newly identified NTFs are discussed.
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