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Paper: How do the Various Components of the Inner 100 Parsecs Interact With Each Other?
Volume: 186, The Central Parsecs of the Galaxy
Page: 465
Authors: Goss, W. M.; Coker, R. F.; Cotera, A.
Abstract: This is an edited transcript of a discussion session about the various components (Sgr A East & West, CND, ionized gas, large-scale radio structure etc.) filling the inner 10 to 100 parsecs of the Galactic Center that took place during the Galactic Center conference ``The Central Parsecs'' in Tucson, Arizona, Sep. 7-11, 1998. The session was chaired by the moderator as indicated in the author list. The discussions were taped, transcribed, and finally edited by editors who are listed as co-authors. The contributions of the conference participants are preceded by their names and thus references to specific aspects and ideas of this discussion session must also include a reference to the respective speaker(s), e.g., in a footnote.
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