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Paper: SGR A East and its Interaction With Surrounding Gas
Volume: 186, The Central Parsecs of the Galaxy
Page: 415
Authors: Zylka, R.; G├╝sten, R.; Philipp, S.; Ungerechts, H.; Mezger, P. G.; Duschl, W. J.
Abstract: We have started a spectral line on-the-fly mapping project at the IRAM 30m Telescope in the gas volume density and column density tracing transitions of CS(2-1), CS(3-2) and 13CO(2-1). In the continuum 1.2 mm emission, a ~15' wide band along the Galactic plane between Sgr C and Sgr B2 has been mosaiced. The spectroscopic data obtained so far cover the central ~21 times 20'. We present some preliminary results revealing the kinematics of the compact GMCs labeled M-0.13-0.08 and M-0.02-0.07, as well as of the Circumnuclear Disc, and we derive insights for the physical interaction with the non-thermal source Sgr A East and the associated gas. In addition a possible scenario for the distribution of the gas along the line of sight is derived.
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