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Paper: Line Driven Winds, Ionizing Fluxes and UV-Spectra of Hot Stars at Extremely Low Metallicity
Volume: 332, The Fate of the Most Massive Stars
Page: 239
Authors: Kudritzki, R.-P.
Abstract: Wind models of very massive stars with metallicities in a range from 10−4 to 1.0 solar are presented using a new treatment of radiation driven winds with depth dependent radiative force multipliers and a comprehensive list of more than two million of spectral lines in NLTE. The models yield mass-loss rates, wind velocities, wind momenta and wind energies as a function of metallicity and can be used to discuss the influence of stellar winds on the evolution of very massive stars in the early universe and on the interstellar medium in the early phases of galaxy formation. It is shown that the normal scaling laws, which predict stellar mass-loss rates and wind momenta to decrease as a power law with metal abundance break down at a certain threshold. The new wind models are applied to calculate ionizing fluxes and observable UV-spectra of very massive stars as a function of metallicity using the WM-basic code developed by Pauldrach et al., 2001, and the effects of metallicity are discussed.
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