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Paper: Spatially Resolved Dust Shells in the Central Parsec
Volume: 186, The Central Parsecs of the Galaxy
Page: 351
Authors: Tanner, A. M.; Ghez, A. M.; Morris, M.; Becklin, E. E.
Abstract: Recent diffraction-limited K-band (2.2 micron) imaging observations with the Keck 10m telescope have unambiguously resolved, for the first time at this wavelength, the unusual cool stellar stellar source IRS 21. We have estimated the intrinsic size of this object to be ~1000 AU, placing it among the largest stellar objects known. These measurements, along with modeling of its SED, lead us to conclude that IRS 21 is comprised of an optically thick dust shell surrounded by an optically thin and geometrically thin dust layer which scatters some of the near-infrared light and re-radiates the rest into the far-infrared. We will present both the images and detailed SED modeling of this source.
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