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Paper: Theoretical Modelling of Hot Stars
Volume: 186, The Central Parsecs of the Galaxy
Page: 340
Authors: Najarro, F.; Hillier, D. J.; Figer, D. F.; Geballe, T. R.
Abstract: Recent progress towards model atmospheres for hot stars is discussed. A new generation of NLTE wind blanketed models, together with high S/N spectra of the hot star population in the central parsec, which are currently being obtained, will allow metal abundance determinations (Fe, Si, Mg, Na, etc). Metallicity studies of hot stars in the IR will provide major constraints not only on the theory of evolution of massive stars but also on our efforts to solve the puzzle of the central parsecs of the Galaxy. Preliminary results suggest that the metallicity of the Pistol Star is 3 times solar, thus indicating strong chemical enrichment of the gas in the Galactic Center.
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