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Paper: SGR A* in the Mid-Infrared Reference Frame: The Relationship Between the Radio and Infrared Sources in the Central Parsec
Volume: 186, The Central Parsecs of the Galaxy
Page: 234
Authors: Gezari, D.
Abstract: Comparison of the ionized gas and warm dust in the Sgr A West complex shows shifts in the peak positions between the infrared and radio data, as well as shifts in the positions of the IRS source peaks within the infrared image data, which could reveal the influence of the luminous sources which heat the dust and ionize the gas. No clear trend can be found in the comparison of radio/infrared or near-infrared/mid-infrared source positions which can be attributed to the effects of an exceptional source at any specific location (such as near Sgr A*), or to the results of any global process (such as ionization by a central radiation field). Thus the observations suggest that the observed position shifts are due to local effects and conditions at the individual sources in each case, and lend no additional weight to the argument that a dominant luminous or massive object is present near the position of Sgr A*.
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