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Paper: The Interaction of Two Prominent Galactic Center Sources: SGR A East and the Molecular Ring
Volume: 186, The Central Parsecs of the Galaxy
Page: 197
Authors: Yusef-Zadeh, F.; Stolovy, S. R.; Burton, M.; Wardle, M.; Melia, F.; Lazio, T. J. W.; Kassim, N. E.; Roberts, D. A.
Abstract: We present a synthesis of a number of recent observations in the near--IR H2 and [Fe II] lines, OH (1720 MHz) maser line and various radio continuum measurements using the NICMOS of the HST, UNSWIRF on the AAT and the VLA. These observations suggest that the outer edge of the CND is collisionally excited whereas the inner edge is likely to be heated predominantly by the IRS 16 cluster. The velocity and spatial correlation of H2 and OH (1720 MHz) as well as the spatial distribution of radio continuum emission at 90cm suggest that Sgr A East is responsible for shocking the gas and interacting with the circumnuclear ring at the Galactic center.
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