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Paper: Disks with Jet, ADAF or EDAF for SGR A*
Volume: 186, The Central Parsecs of the Galaxy
Page: 162
Authors: Donea, A. C.; Falcke, H.; Biermann, P. L.
Abstract: We investigate various models of accretion disks for Sgr A*, one of the most puzzling sources in the Galaxy. The generic image we have taken into account consists of a black hole, an accretion disk, and a jet. Various accretion models are able to explain the low NIR flux of Sgr A*: a standard accretion disk with a jet, an ADAF, or an EDAF (Ejection Dominated Accretion Flow) model. We find that all of these models are conceptually similar. The accretion model which allows the formation of the jet at the innermost edge of the disk requires a sub-keplerian gas motion and a very large base of the jet. The large base of the jet may be unrealistic for Sgr A*, since the jet model and the observations suggest that the jet is collimated and anchored in the disk in a very narrow region of the disk close to the black hole. Alternatively, one can think of a jet plus wind model (EDAF), where most of the energy goes out without being dissipated in the disk. The model resembles the ADAF model at small radii. At large radii the energy is ejected by a wind.
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