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Paper: Structure of SGR A* from 3mmλ-VLBI
Volume: 186, The Central Parsecs of the Galaxy
Page: 98
Authors: Doeleman, S.; Rogers, A. E. E.; Backer, D. C.; Wright, M.; Bower, G. C.
Abstract: We report on 3mmλ-VLBI observations of Sgr A* with an array of three antennas. A brief discussion of calibration precedes our results as it is the most important problem to overcome in high frequency continuum VLBI measurements. Our size estimates of Sgr A* are consistent with past results but cannot improve on them. However, calculation of the closure phase (sum of interferometric phases around a triplet of antennas) does yield direct information on the possible asymmetry of Sgr A*. In our observations we find the closure phase to be consistent with zero which restricts to some extent the type and degree of asymmetry that Sgr A* can exhibit.
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