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Paper: The Galactic Center Black Hole
Volume: 186, The Central Parsecs of the Galaxy
Page: 3
Authors: Genzel, R.; Eckart, A.
Abstract: Over 6 years of high spatial resolution, near-infrared imaging and spectroscopy have made it possible to measure stellar velocities down to separations of less than five light days from the compact radio source Sgr A* at the dynamic center of the Milky Way. These confirmed measurements imply the presence of a central dark mass of 2.6 times 106 solar masses. Simple physical considerations show that this dark mass cannot consist of a stable cluster of stars, stellar remnants, substellar condensations or a degenerate gas of elementary particles. Momentum and energy balance arguments suggest that at least 103 to 105 solar masses must be associated with Sgr A* itself and likely is enclosed within less than 8 light minutes (equivalent to 15 Schwarzschild radii of a million solar mass black hole). Therefore the dark mass at the center of the Milky Way is currently the most compelling case for a massive black hole.
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