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Paper: Mass Loss Near the Eddington Limit
Volume: 332, The Fate of the Most Massive Stars
Page: 195
Authors: Bjorkman, J.E.
Abstract: We investigate whether "continuum" opacity near the Fe peak at log T = 5.2 can produce the great eruption of η Car. Our simple estimates show that η Car can be super-Eddington (Γ > 1) well below the photosphere. The super-Eddington region is sufficiently extended that it can drive a very large mass loss rate (a few 0.1 MSolar yr−1) to well above the escape speed (several 100 km s−1). Furthermore once initiated, it appears plausible that continuumdriving may "run away," approaching the photon tiring limit. This suggests continuum-driving may be capable of producing the great eruption.
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