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Paper: Millimeter Interferometry
Volume: 180, Synthesis Imaging in Radio Astronomy II
Page: 565
Authors: Carilli, C. L.; Carlstrom, J. E.; Holdaway, M. A.
Abstract: Aspects of interferometry specific to observations at millimeter (mm) wavelengths are reviewed. The principal effects are: (i) the adverse effect of the troposphere on observed amplitudes and phases, and (ii) the demanding constraints on antennas and electronics. We begin with a short overview of some unique science that can be done with mm interferometry. We then discuss in detail the magnitude of the effect of the troposphere on system temperatures and absolute gain calibration, and its effect on interferometric phases, along with current methods to correct for these effects. We present constraints on antenna pointing and surface accuracy, and methods of determining these parameters. We then discuss some unique aspects of mm electronics. We conclude with a discussion the quantum limit to low noise receivers, and of the practical limits to the use of phase-conserving receivers at optical frequencies.
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