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Paper: The U. S. ISO Key Project on Quasars
Volume: 177, Astrophysics with Infrared Surveys: A Prelude to SIRTF
Page: 153
Authors: Hooper, Eric; Wilkes, Belinda; McLeod, Kim; McDowell, Jonathan; Elvis, Martin; Malkan, Matthew; Lonsdale, Carol; Impey, Chris
Abstract: The U.S. ISO Quasar Key Project seeks to better understand the broad band spectral energy distributions of AGN. The cornerstone of this effort is a set of ISO observations of 72 active nuclei from 5 - 200 μ m, taken in both chopped and raster mode with the ISOPHOT instrument. Most of the sources are at z < 1, although the high redshift tail of the sample extends to z = 4.7. A wide range of AGN properties is represented, including spreads in infrared, UV, and X-ray luminosity, as well as red quasars and BALQSOs. ISOPHOT data are reduced with a combination of the standard PIA software and custom scripts, both of which continue to evolve. Comparison of the chopped data with IRAS fluxes available for a subset of the targets shows reasonable agreement for λ <= 25 μ m. The 100 μ m comparison of the two satellites follows a linear trend, albeit with large scatter, but the chopped 60 μ m ISO data are not yet adequate except at the brightest fluxes. Efforts to understand and correct the problem data are ongoing.
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