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Paper: The HI Fine Structure of HVC187 Near NGC3783: Gas in the Leading Bridge of the Magellanic System
Volume: 166, Stromlo Workshop on High-Velocity Clouds
Page: 302
Authors: Wakker, Bart P.; Savage, Blair D.; Oosterloo, Tom A.; Putman, Mary E.
Abstract: We present an analysis of high-resolution HI\ data of one of the cores of HVC 187 (Wakker & van Woerden 1991), HVC287+22+240. Structure is present down to the lowest-measurable scale ( 1 arcmin) and several concentrations appear to be unresolved. Most of the cores seen at low resolution break up into smaller subcores at higher resolution. The typical volume density and pressure are estimated to be 30 R^{-1} D^{-1}kpc cm^{-3} and 18000 R^{-1} D^{-1}kpc K cm^{-3}, respectively, where R is the resolution in arcmin and Dkpc the unknown distance in kpc.
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