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Paper: Finding BHB Stars with SDSS to Constrain HVC Distances
Volume: 166, Stromlo Workshop on High-Velocity Clouds
Page: 73
Authors: Pier, Jeffrey R.
Abstract: The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) will carry out a digital photometric and spectroscopic survey over pi steradians in the northern Galactic cap. An array of CCD detectors used in drift-scan mode will image the sky in five passbands to a limiting magnitude of r' 23. Selected from the imaging survey, 10^6 galaxies, 10^5 quasars and several times 10^4 stars will be observed spectroscopically. Candidate field Blue Horizontal Branch (BHB) stars will form a significant fraction of the stellar spectroscopic targets. Confirmed halo BHB stars may be used to constrain the distances to High Velocity Clouds (HVCs).
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