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Paper: Identification and Analysis of Horizontal-Branch and Other A-Type Stars in the Galaxy
Volume: 166, Stromlo Workshop on High-Velocity Clouds
Page: 67
Authors: Rossi, Silvia C. F.; Beers, Timothy C.; Wilhelm, Ronald J.
Abstract: New techniques are being developed for the identification of Field Horizontal-Branch (FHB) and other A-type stars based on moderate-resolution spectroscopic observations and broadband UBV photometry. Physical parameters (T_eff, log g, and feh\ ) for these stars can be estimated with accuracy on the order of sigma (T_eff) = 250 K, sigma (log g) = 0.35 dex, and sigma (feh ) = 0.30 dex, respectively. Detailed analysis such as this is required in order to form a ``clean'' sample of FHB stars, as such samples are easily confounded by the presence of halo blue stragglers (or BMP stars) and other high-gravity A-type stars. We summarize these analysis techniques, and discuss their application to a new large sample of FHB/A stars identified as part of the ongoing HK interference-filter/objective-prism survey of Beers and collaborators.
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