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Paper: Faint Star Counts with HST
Volume: 165, The Third Stromlo Symposium: The Galactic Halo
Page: 387
Authors: Flynn, Chris; Gould, Andrew; Bahcall, John
Abstract: We describe a program of star counts in the range 19 <~ I <~ 26 made with the WFPC cameras aboard the Hubble Space Telescope. Red (V-I > 1.0) stars at these magnitudes are primarily disk and spheroid M dwarfs. The stars are found both on dedicated images as part of the parallel program and by using appropriate archive data. We measure the faint end of the luminosity functions of the disk and spheroid (i.e.~stellar halo). We measure the low mass end of the mass function and show that M dwarfs do not dominate the total disk or spheroid mass. We place strong I band constraints on the amount of halo dark matter in the form of low mass stars (such as M dwarfs or cool white dwarfs). The disk and spheroid contribute only a minor amount of optical depth toward the Magellanic clouds.
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