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Paper: MACHO RR Lyrae in the Inner Halo and Bulge
Volume: 165, The Third Stromlo Symposium: The Galactic Halo
Page: 284
Authors: Minniti, Dante; Alcock, Charles; Allsman, Robyn A.; Alves, David; Axelrod, Tim S.; Becker, Andrew C.; Bennett, David; Cook, Kem H.; Drake, Andrew J.; Freeman, Ken C.; Griest, Kim; Lehner, Matt; Marshall, Stuart; Peterson, Bruce; Pratt, Mark; Quinn, Peter; Rodgers, Alex; Stubbs, Chris; Sutherland, Will; Tomaney, Austin; Vandehei, Thor; Welch, Doug L.
Abstract: The RR Lyrae in the bulge have been proposed to be the oldest populations in the Milky Way, tracers of how the galaxy formed. We study here the distribution of ~1600 bulge RR Lyrae stars found by the MACHO Project. The RR Lyrae with Galactocentric radius 0.4<R<3 kpc show a density law that is consistent with the extension of the metal-poor stellar halo present in the outer regions of the Milky Way.
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