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Paper: An Automated Search for Metal-Poor Halo Stars in the Hamburg/ESO Objective-Prism Survey
Volume: 165, The Third Stromlo Symposium: The Galactic Halo
Page: 259
Authors: Christlieb, Norbert; Wisotzki, Lutz; Reimers, Dieter; Gehren, Thomas; Reetz, Johannes; Beers, Timothy C.
Abstract: An automated search for metal-poor stars is carried out in the course of the Hamburg/ESO objective-prism survey (HES), which covers the full southern sky at Galactic latitudes |b| >~ 30 deg. As the HES reaches ~1 magnitude deeper and covers areas of the sky which have not been touched by the HK Survey of Beers and collaborators, the total survey volume of the HES represents an increase by a factor of 4.5 compared to the HK Survey. Because of the limited availability of telescope time for spectroscopic follow-up observations, we will focus on a search for the most metal-poor, unevolved stars. We present a simulation study of the HES selection function P(B_J, T_eff, [Fe/H], log g) for metal-poor stars, and results from a first follow-up campaign at the ESO-NTT.
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